Dragon represents a new chapter for Terzani: the first piece designed as a standalone brass sculpture, cast at a historic foundry in Tuscany. At Terzani, our creative process benefits from the dialogue created between our history, our creative partners, and our innovative spirit. When creating Dragon, we found that the most powerful expression was not as a lighting design but as a sculptural work of art one that elevates the artist and harnesses our creative expertise. In Chinese mythology, the dragon is a nature deity central to creation tales. Thus, it makes sense that the latest from designer Dodo Arslan tapped into this powerful, ancient symbolism for his newest creation. In a dramatic rethinking of how rooms are experienced, Dragon is a sculpture designed to not only grab attention but also change how a space is considered. An explosion of liquid metal, tamed by Terzani’s Tuscan master craftsman, Dragon reflects the power of the fires that shaped it and speaks to the connection between earth and water. This handcrafted piece embodies the cyclical dance of the elements while evoking a cosmic harmony.
Its presence unites not only a space but those who inhabit it. Each Dragon is a unique, fully customizable, and numbered sculpture. While it imparts a feeling of a natural, organic form, it is a painstakingly crafted piece of art and an ode to the fusion between the creative force of man and nature. Design Dodo Arslan. Made in Italy.




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