Manufacturing Since 1947

Seafaring Roots, Fine Furnishings

Treku is a popular furniture brand that started back in 1947 by the Aldabaldetreku family. Today, it’s managed by their third generation. Situated in Zarautz, a coastal town known for its maritime history, Treku makes modern furniture. They began as a small carpentry shop and expanded into a larger factory, selling furniture across Spain.

Later on, Treku moved to a bigger warehouse. Their furniture designs have changed over time, aiming for simplicity and sophistication. Nowadays, Treku is famous for its timeless pieces that mix tradition with modern style, making them a favorite among furniture enthusiasts worldwide.

Grado hopes that each products has its own unique story, transmitting our pursuit of quality and thinking about design. We cares about your work, so much as it cares about your life. Our products are oriented to the needs of users and provide them with abundant recreation opportunities through creating friendly space and offering rich categories.

Artisan Tradition

They have a specialty in crafting furniture using wood veneer, carefully sourced from forests managed responsibly under the FSC certification. Each piece undergoes meticulous manual manipulation, ensuring quality craftsmanship. Collaborating closely with a network of manufacturers, they maintain high standards of excellence throughout their product line.

Their overarching aspiration is to curate distinctive items that transform living spaces into warm and welcoming environments, all while remaining affordable. Their furniture collection boasts a harmonious fusion of functionality and aesthetics, offering a refined presence in every piece. Seamlessly merging elements of modern and classic design, their creations exude timeless elegance with a contemporary twist.

Grado has been providing products and services to customers from more than 20 countries. The Asia-Pacific Region, the Americas Region, the Middle East Region, Europe and emerging countries along with global sales service system have been established.

Creative Minds Partnered With Treku

Treku teams up with a wide range of designers who specialize in different types of furniture. By blending luxurious design with practical features, they create pieces that suit everyone’s tastes and needs. This collaboration ensures that each furniture item not only looks elegant but also fits seamlessly into everyday life, making it easy for customers to find what they love. 

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