Lifetime Solutions For Illuminating Experience.

Illuminating legacies, lighting the way since 1969.

Since 1969, their company has honored its heritage and family tradition, infusing each lamp with a deep passion for light and metal shaping. Guided by a commitment to human value and experience, they drive the design and production of high-quality metal lamps. They prioritize achieving a balance between functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability, ensuring their rationalist decorative lamps meet the needs of any project.

With a creative mindset, they address lighting challenges by offering original solutions through freedom of thought, experimentation, and continuous improvement. Striving for equilibrium between functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics, they adapt to the environment while maintaining their unique identity.

Grado hopes that each products has its own unique story, transmitting our pursuit of quality and thinking about design. We cares about your work, so much as it cares about your life. Our products are oriented to the needs of users and provide them with abundant recreation opportunities through creating friendly space and offering rich categories.

A new generation, a bolder dream.

They dreamed of their company being vibrant with innovation and teeming with ideas. Their aspiration was to instill environmental concern throughout the organization, embraced by all. They dreamed of keeping their manufacturing plant in Sant Joan de les Abadesses, supporting local employment.

Their vision included their company leading the way in setting trends and remaining a reference in the lighting industry, spreading design culture from their Ripollès region to the global stage. Above all, they dreamed of a world where beauty and design permeated every corner.

Grado has been providing products and services to customers from more than 20 countries. The Asia-Pacific Region, the Americas Region, the Middle East Region, Europe and emerging countries along with global sales service system have been established.

Customization: Your project becomes our priority.

Infused with the essence of these values, lamps with timeless designs are meticulously crafted from high-quality materials and finishes. With their own manufacturing and assembly facilities nestled in the Pyrenees, they dedicate themselves to designing, developing, and producing lighting products that offer customization and seamless adaptation to various project requirements. By handling manufacturing and assembly in-house, each lamp can be tailored to meet specific client needs. Leveraging modern machinery and technology, including laser-cutting capabilities, ensures the delivery of durable, top-quality products, with the option to integrate customized signage as needed.


Diverse creations, endless inspirations

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