Argent Pendant Light

When our Argent collection debuted a decade ago, we knew we had created something special. Working with designer Dodo Arslan, our melding of Italian craftsmanship with contemporary design redefined the industry. Ten years later, we are building upon the success of this original collection with a new chapter: Argent, Mon Bijou. Again, partnering with Dodo Arslan, we asked ourselves what have we learned from our evolution as designers and craftsmen? How can we make this new collection as daring, beautiful, and innovative as its predecessor?
Our answer is a new series of pendant lights and table lamps that draws inspiration from across design from the fashion of Paco Rabanne, the work of Verner Panton, the mirrored art of Julio Le Parc, and the natural beauty of the Italian seaside. The result is a lamp reminiscent of a shimmering cloud casting brilliant, ethereal light across the room. Handmade by our craftsmen in stainless steel, each piece is both unique and a modular element of an extremely flexible system. Our goal is to give architects and designers the freedom to express their visions without limits, adapt to any environment, and add a touch of magic. Design Dodo Arslan. Made in Italy.




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