5 Best Sofas in Nostaloft

1. Swell Sofa

Grado’s Swell Sofa is named after “Kaiyuan Tongbao”, a round-shaped currency used in the ancient Tang Dynasty. It is named not only for its full and swell design which resembles Yuanbao, a typical image of China, but also for the fine wishes of good luck and development the image carries. This design brings comfort as well as good luck to your home. Swell Sofa fits a variety of scenes, added by its round shape which is in harmony and coordination with the lines of the whole environment.

2. Bella

The Bella sofa is a combination of high-quality leather and natural fabric that goes well with each other is a sensibility unique to BABAKAGU. The minimal design of the Scandinavian taste creates a gentle space. The leather frills on the front and back of the sleeves and the fabric peeking through the slits on the sides are fashionable and elegant.

3. Oslo

Playful lines and elegant comfort

“The Oslo Sofa family brings a new perspective to the traditional sofa with its rounded softness and gentle seat—a friendly design for any setting of the modern home and office.” —Anderssen & Voll

4. Florence

A sofa establishes the mood of the living area, BABAKAGU’s Florence sofa has a flexible and functional design that allows you to adjust the backrest for higher and extra support.

5. Elly

BABAKAGU Elly Sofa, a masterpiece of comfort and style that will transform your living space. Designed with utmost care and attention to detail, this sofa combines elegance, functionality, and durability to create the perfect seating solution for your home.

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