• Fogia Poppy
  • Fogia Poppy
  • Fogia Poppy
  • Fogia Poppy
Figurine Poppy

Designed by Nina Jobs

The name Poppy aptly describes its shape. A Poppy pouf also sounds fun, which it is. The round, quilted shape of the pouf is reminiscent of a beautiful flower with petals spreading out, or a pastry, or Japanese lanterns. The beautiful shape proved a challenge, really putting Fogia’s craftsmanship to the test. It looks simple, but it isn’t!

  • Large Size:

    W900 x D900 x H450mm

    Large Size:

    W700 x D700 x H270mm

  • Material:

    Pouf: Styrofoam and polyure thane wrapped with wadding
    Middle layer: Fabric
    Cover: Quilted fabric with sewn-in wadding

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