• Fogia Bid Sur (Desk)
  • Fogia Bid Sur (Desk)
  • Fogia Bid Sur (Desk)
  • Fogia Bid Sur (Desk)
Fogia Bid Sur (Desk)

Expanding on their Big Sur concept, Simon Klenell & Kristoffer Sundin upsized the form 
to create a super-powerful desk. Like it’s smaller counterpart, it’s a deceptively complex piece in terms of its construction and engineering. Its dual glass sheets still cast those beautiful shadows
and can be mixed to create your own personal colour combination. With its expanses of gloss
and glass, this is an unapologetic statement desk and no mistake.

  • Size:

    W1200 x D720 x H740mm

  • Material:

    Table top and shelf in tempered glass (available in brown, dark blue, green or clear) legs in solid oak with standard stains.

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